Absolute Made in Italy!

Modern and classic chandeliers of great class! The design of the Aiardini chandeliers is by Brothers Luigi and Vincenzo Aiardo, lighting designers and founders of the Italian brand "AIARDINI".

Made in Italy

decorative interior lighting.

Aiardini produces modern chandeliers, classic chandeliers and minimal design chandeliers with high quality standards, positioning itself as one of the most sought after Italian brands on the world panorama of decorative interior lighting.

Made in Italy

Salone del Mobile Milano

An event full of energy that can be breathed in every point of the city. Milan, the capital of Fashion and Design, an appointment that our company has always been present for years. Aiardini’s party is a special moment for us together with architects, designers and dealers who come from over 30 countries and it is always an honor to receive them. The Salone del Mobile in Milan can be defined as an event full of cultures, concepts, innovation and craftsmanship that transport Made in Italy all over the world.


irresistible weakness

Customized chandeliers

High-class products

Aiardini is one of the few Italian chandelier factories whose production process takes place in total autonomy in its own factory, a peculiarity that allows the brand to tackle projects of any size and to build custom-made chandeliers, even large ones for interior lighting. of luxury homes, villas and for hotel lighting, restaurants and cruise ships. The cooperation of Architecture Studies with Aiardini provides upon explicit request agreements for the exclusive protection of the project.

Made in Italy


Into Aiardini corporate philosophy, an Italian handmade lights manufacturer, attention is paid not only to offer collections being attractive to the market, but also and especially to ensure a very high quality level of its products. This is extremely important and reason why the best materials only are used, such as blown Venetian glass and Swarovski crystals. The evolutionary process of the know-how developed in recent years has combined our experience crafted with the finest architecture studios in order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of both private and hospitality customers focused on the quality and sophistication of a refined design, which has proved to be appreciated in twenty countries in the world.

Jewels of light!!


Each classical chandelier Aiardini can be considered a pearl of italian handcraft, a very jewel of light. A refined work that start from the design until the final product all entirely handmade in our factory. Our team of artisan masters is able to work also on custom design as you need. It’s possible to choice the finishing color, sizes and more directly with our production department. The history of the decorative lighting is born in Italy and our chandeliers speak italian!